VoodooPosition – The House

Breed: Alaskan Malamute
Born:  February 1999 – Christchurch, New Zealand

Mother to Rogue and Maximus.  Our third Malamute, Voodoo was brought into our lives when we suddenly lost our first girl Mishka..  She was one stubborn little girl.  But she quickly won us over and became a huge part of our lives.  She spent most her time with her best friend Kaos.  Voodoo was a big girl, a little lazy when it came to being in harness but she made up for that in so many other ways.  A very laid back Malamute that just sat back and took the world in, she loved people but was also very independent.  She was one of those dogs that knew exactly where she was in life, what she wanted and how it would be done, but all in a very subtle way.  Her daughter Rogue adored her.

Race History:  Recreational races in New Zealand

Passed 6th December 2014:  A very special girl that was part of our foundation.  If only they could all live long lives like she did. Two months short of 16.