Winter – Overnight Trip

  • Camping out by the cabin

    Camping out by the cabin

  • On the trail

    On the trail

  • Dinning Room

    Dinning Room

Experience the world of sled dogs during an overnight trip staying in a backcountry hut in the Pisa Range.  Your ride is a team of Huskies and with the guidance of one of our experienced mushers you will learn all you need to know about how to drive and take care of your own team. Meals and backcountry accommodation provided.

This is your chance to immerse yourself and experience the world of sled dogs.  With time on our side we have the ability to really learn about the gear and dogs.  Starting with an introduction to the dogs and some instruction on how to drive a dog team you will very quickly progress to where you get to drive you own team, which will be your ride to our nights accommodation.  A picturesque set backcountry hut is our accommodation for the night, where we will feed the dogs and bed them down.  After the dogs are settled we will enjoy a meal in the comfort of our hut,  there is the option to either go for a night run or sit in the comfort of the hut and talk and learn more about sled dogs.

After a good night sleep for you and the dogs our first priority will be tending to the dogs followed by breakfast.  It is then time to pack up and get back behind our teams for another run which will conclude back at the Snow Farm Lodge.

Price – $745.00 per person (minimum of two people for the tour, groups / bookings can be combined).

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Seasonal Tour – This tour generally runs during July and August only.

Duration – Approximately 20 hours for the complete experience which includes tuition, multiple daylight runs, a night run, meals and accommodation.

Tour Type – This is a “Drive Your Own Team” tour (Self Drive). For those who do not want to drive their own team there is also the option to experience the same tour from the basket, please request this option specifically in advance.  There is very limited availability for this however.  It is very difficult to change on the day as it requires additional resources and guides which may not be available.

Location – this tour is operated out of the Snow Farm, for directions and venue details click Here

Ride details:

  • Please refer to either the “Basket Ride” or “Drive Your Own Team” Ride Details for the specifics for each option depending on your choice.

What’s provided:

  • We provide the ride (team of dogs, sled, guide and stunning alpine trails).
  • Dinner, Breakfast and Refreshments.
  • Sleeping bag and liner.
  • Headlamp.
  • Backcountry hut accommodation – the hut is remote and as a result facilities are basic, but comfortable. All essential needs will be catered for. Be prepared for:
    • Shared accommodation
    • No power
    • No Cellphone coverage
    • No running water
    • Outhouse

What to bring:

  • Appropriate clothing to keep you warm. This is the Southern Alps and weather can change rapidly.
  • Any personal items you require for an overnight stay in backcountry accommodation.
  • Your camera.