SpritePosition – Leader

Breed: Alaskan Husky
Born:  2001 – Togo, Minnesota

Sprite was given to us at 8 years old along with her brother Scotch.  She had completed 5 Iditarod’s as part of John Bakers team.  She came back to Minnesota and became a key part of the yearling team we where training at the time.  Her and her brother provided some stability to our team and Sprite was a solid girl in lead.  She was a lovely affectionate girl, she had a serious woolly coat on her and she would zip around her circle playing with you and eventually settle for sitting on your feet for cuddles.

Race History:  5 x Iditarods, Beargrease Mid distance 2009, Wolf track Classic 2009, White Oak 2009.

Passed 15th December 2012:  One of the foundation dogs of the team we have today.  A great little girl that could never be replaced.