Position: Leader

Breed: Alaskan Husky
Born: 2006 – Alaska

What can I say beside she’s mad.  Just one crazy little dog.  She’s noisy, full of energy and mischief.  This little girl is a lot of fun.  Loves to run and doesn’t mind telling her neighbor off if they’re holding her back.  She has some very odd behaviors that can’t help but make you laugh.  Often she will perch on her head when you approach her, but she will let you know about it when you decide to leave.  Sonic has raced throughout North America and been a key part of the team as well as being a very good leader.  You can’t help but have fun with this girl.  Just keep an eye on her…she can be naughty.

Race History: White Oak Classic 2009, Beargrease Mid Distance 2009, UP 200 2010, Beargrease Marathon 2010