Position: Semi-Retired

Breed: Alaskan Husky
Born: 2001 – Togo, Minnesota

This boy is the real deal.  The granddad of the team, Scotch, even at 12, is still a very strong sled dog.  This guy has an impressive resume.  He has 5 Iditarod finishes all of which where with 2011 Iditarod Champion John Baker, who holds the most top 10 finishes.  A very noble, well mannered dog who can’t help but impress.  A large dog with a very heavy black coat, he has been nicknamed “The Timber Wolf” as he could be mistaken for one.  It’s not often you get the privilege to be in the presence of an animal like this.  He is a very special dog to us.

Race History:  Numerous races across the lower 48 and Alaska including 5 Iditarods

Passed 18th August 2016 – You lived a fuller life then most other dogs and left behind a legacy. We still see you as the foundation of our team.