SamPosition – Team Dog

Breed: Alaskan Husky
Born:  October 2013 – Togo, Minnesota

Sam is a very unique dog, to be honest we have never met anything like Sam. Sam was bred, raised and trained by Jamie Nelson, she might question at times if she wants to lay claim to this guy.  The biggest thing we learnt when we started running Alaskan Huskies is not to judge a book by its cover.  When it comes to Sam it couldnt be more true.  A medium sized powerfully built Alaskan that sits at his house with his floppy tipped ears that is struggling to contain his excitment.  But he will, only just, he comes across like a labrador at the beach siting there waiting for you to through his ball….over and over.  That excitment becomes harder to control when the harness is introduced and the closer it gets to the action it just starts to loose itself and the patient part of Sam fizzles into an uncontrolable beast.  Sam injects a massive amunt of power into the team, power which he is still learning to manage.  He has a huge personality and some of this can be attributed to the fact that Sam realy missed out uptsairs, if there was a IQ test to become a sled dog then Sam realy would have missed out on his calling.  I doudt Sam knows why he has to do things the way he does, but he is good at it and loves it. Sam is awesome!