Position – Leader

Breed: Alaskan Husky
Born:  2005 – Togo, Minnesota

Ramp is one of our originals.  He was dropped from Jamie Nelson’s race team due to breaking his toe.  It was questionable if Ramp would ever make the race team let alone become a distance dog.  After a year of rehab and a slow transition to the main team he became an integral part,  having finished numerous races including Iditarod.  A large strong boy with the most affectionate attitude.  This boy can do no wrong.  Ramp is father to four of our other dogs, three who currently are still in Alaska as part of our race team.

Race History:  White Oak Classic 2010, Beargrease Marathon 2010/2011, Red River 2010, Race to the Sky 2011, Copper Basin 300 2012/2013, Tustemina 200 2013, Iditarod 2012/2013/2014/2015, Yukon Quest 2014

Retired: Ramp now lives in the house and spends his days roaming the property.