KoalPosition – Main Leader

Breed: Alaskan Husky
Born:  August 2013 – Togo, Minnesota

Koal is one of the new dogs to join our team from Jamie Nelson.  Bred, raised and trained by her.  Koal is a monster, a big black boy that adds a huge amount of power and talent to the front end.  You ask Koal to go and there is no questioning, regardless of what’s in front of you. Where other dogs might think there are better ways through or around something, Koal will drive straight through.  So it pays to get your commands correct.  He is built like a bulldozer up front and knows how to use it. At the same time Koal is very laid back about life, nothing that happens around him phases him much and like all the guys he has his soft side as well.  Loves to nibble on your chin when you are cuddling him.