KaosPosition – Team Dog

Breed: Alaskan Malamute
Born:  17th August 1998 – Auckland, New Zealand

This is the dog that it all started with.  He wasn’t our first but he was the first we started in the sport with.  Kaos was a one of a kind.  A small compact Malamute that was all heart.  He loved to run and had hard working ethics.  He was all Malamute, stacks of attitude and the dog we made all the mistakes with.  This dog taught us more then the other 50 put together that we have had since.  A very loyal friend that got us to where we are now.  This dog traveled the world with us, born on NZ he lived in 3 US states, The Yukon territories, Canada and was laid to rest in Alaska.

Race History:  Recreational races in New Zealand

Passed 31st August 2012:  That once in a life time dog that left a huge whole.  Still remember you like it was yesterday.