HatchetPosition: Main Leader

Breed: Alaskan Husky
Born:  2007 – Togo, Minnesota

One of the biggest boys in our race team and what makes Hatchet stand out is his stunning jet black coat.  This is one cool dude, very laid back personality but he knows when to turn it on and become one of the standout dogs.  In lead Hatchet is phenomenal and has been a main part of our front end for the last few years.  This guys has an awesome personality, very loving but also has a very stubborn streak where he will generally do it his way unless you can convince him otherwise, which sometimes comes with some resistance.

Race History:  White Oak Classic 2010/2011, UP 200 2010, Beargrease Marathon 2010/2011, Red River 2010, Race to the Sky 2011, Tustumena 200 2013, Copper Basin 300 2012/2013, Iditarod 2012/2013/2014/2015, Yukon Quest 2014