GatorPosition – Leader / Team Dog

Breed: Alaskan Husky
Born:  2010 – Togo, Minnesota

Gator is brother to Kroc and one of our own breedings between a Martin Buser girl (Pandora) that we own and a friends Jeff King dog.  Gator is the brains in the family, a smart dog that can be very serious about life.  But Gator still has a very affectionate side to him and his favorite game is to play soccer with his food bowl.  Gator is an upcoming star, he has finished every race he has ever run and is showing huge potential in lead.  When in harness he is all business and a huge asset to the team.

Race History:   Tustemina 200 2013, Iditarod 2013/2014, Yukon Quest 2014

Passed 3rd Nov 2014 – A dearly loved friend that was lost in his prime, a superstar in the making.