Sled Dog Basics – The Team

The Team

This is the first in a series of posts providing an insight into Sled Dog Sports. A dog team is a team in its finest form, a musher with their canine team mates verse mother nature. A dog team can range from 1 dog to an unlimited number. This is dependent on the task, the conditions and what you as the driver can manage. There are 4 key positions within the team, all critical, plus the musher / driver. Dogs can run either two abreast or as singles, either option has its advantages in all positions.

This picture was taken in Willow, Alaska, late March 2013 only about 10 days after crossing the finish line in Nome, Alaska on Iditarod. Here the team is breaking through some deep snow, there is no trail where they are, as a team they are driving through the deep snow, which in this case is up to their shoulders. Those two dogs in lead are two of our biggest boys. (Hatchet and Block)

North and South Magazine

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